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Why I Hate Wil Wheaton

Recently on Facebook a friend of mine called me a “hipster nerd”. Well I took offense. I am most certainly a nerd, but while I would have loved to have been a beatnik when I was a kid (forgive me, I was young), there is no way in Hell I’m going to allow someone to categorize me as a hipster. Those were fighting words! My friend explained the reason for his slanderous missive was ‘…You’re all like “Everybody hated Wil Wheaton when he was on Star Trek, so I liked him just to be ironic, but now everybody loves Wil Wheaton, so I hate him”.’ He was of course wrong. I explained myself and we parted friends once again despite him driving me to use all caps at one point.

Interesting Images – Or I’m Still Learning Stuff Most of You Probably Already Knew

So I was playing around with Google Earth and I found the following. When I saw it I thought to myself that the image looked like it was pixelated in places. It looked as if Google Earth just couldn’t render the image properly or someone was trying to hide something. Wondering what was afoot, I […]


Man I love the way I write. Really, I do. If there was someone that wrote like me consistently, I think I could almost read that crap consistently.

I come to this conclusion because after a few months of relative silence, I’ve come back to the site and I’ve fallen in love with it all over again. Damn I’m good. Well at the very least entertaining.

Do Zombies Poop?

I asked myself this question first several months ago. I couldn’t come to any sort of initial decision, so I began asking my friends. Most, such as AngryRedHead, immediately replied “No.” Many added “That’s ridiculous,” while at least one replied, “You need psychiatric help.” One friend, KewlBear, suggested that zombies do not poop but rather all of the brains that […]