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All About the Flow

I L-O-V-E, LOVE! the house my wife and I are currently renting. I really wish I owned more nice stuff to put into it. I kinda feel like the house is too big for us, and I’m a big guy. One thing that isn’t too big however is the downstairs half-bath toilet. It is a […]

Public Places

I hate using public toilets. There is something simply wrong with the idea of multiple people using the same space for … well you know. Especially …

Do Zombies Poop?

I asked myself this question first several months ago. I couldn’t come to any sort of initial decision, so I began asking my friends. Most, such as AngryRedHead, immediately replied “No.” Many added “That’s ridiculous,” while at least one replied, “You need psychiatric help.” One friend, KewlBear, suggested that zombies do not poop but rather all of the brains that […]