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Player for Hire ~ Cheap

One overweight, middle aged man wishes to meet group established adventurers and game master.

Fat man wishes to play DnD of any of the following varieties

  • Basic DnD
  • ADnD
  • DnD 5th Ed.
  • Pathfinder

Old man is interested in playing any of the following genres but may not be immediately familiar with the rule sets

  • Fantasy – Grim Dark, Low Magic, High Magic
  • Horror
  • Steampunk
  • Cyberpunk

Generic man possesses the following skills / traits

  • Has an inappropriate sense of humor
  • Possesses an open-minded acceptance of different-than-he individuals (may require short adjustment period)
  • Has the ability to bring snack(s) to share
  • Is smart-ish
  • Has years of role-playing experience
  • Has his own source books (or ability to get said books)
  • Has his own miniature (or ability to get a miniature)
  • Doesn’t mind mapping
  • Promises not to steal from adventuring group for at least three months after joining* (imaginary stealing – not real life take shit from your person/home – that’s fucking rude and unacceptable)
  • Has a potty mouth
  • Is an ass

*Others stealing from the fat, old man’s character voids this promise for those characters responsible.

Please note that the man is a theist with many friends of differing faiths or no faith. Man believes if you’re cool, he’s cool.
Please note 2 that the man is rather conservative leaning, but again has many many friends of differing political leanings. Man believes if you’re cool, he’s cool.

Any interested parties should email the fat, old, right wing, theist, smart-ass man at this website’s name @ Man thinks he’s smart, and if you can’t figure out the email address then maybe the judgmental ass of man doesn’t want to play with you after all. The first part of the email address is niassne. The man makes exceptions.