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About is one of a fluctuating number of websites occasionally maintained by me, Joe Little. Niassne is devoted specifically to humor, or more accurately my somewhat twisted and “off” humor. Occasionally you might find a rant or some modest social commentary presented in a hopefully humorous manner. I don’t care to discuss politics or religion as I’ve come to find that most people feel they know all there is to know on these topics, and I hate trying to prove to them that it is instead *I* who know it all.

The word niassne is word play. It means asinine since it is the word “ass” (which I am often) and the word nine (which I was also once, many years ago). Ass in Nine. Asinine. See? It’s my site, and I’ll make any bad pun/joke I want to make!

Oh! Yeah, I know I use a LOT of improper grammar.  I can honestly say that some of it is completely intentional very little.

If you find something particularly funny or wrong (in the good way) please comment and let me know. If you don’t like what I say please comment and expect to be ignored. If you are a spam bot, piss off. If you are a hacker I bow to your great superiority! Please don’t mess with my pitiful sites.

I hope you enjoy.