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Man I love the way I write. Really, I do. If there was someone that wrote like me consistently, I think I could read that crap almost as consistently.

I come to this conclusion because after a few months of relative silence I’ve come back to the site, and I’ve fallen in love with it (and me) all over again. Damn, I’m good. Well at the very least I’m entertaining. (Do NOT do your research here! Like the government I’ve told you all you need to know. You will know the frequency of my posts and entertainment quality when you buy my eventual book.)

I often wonder how it is that someone like me could garner so few readers, and I’ve come to the conclusion that my problem is humility. I’m simply way too humble, and I think you people realize that simple truth. So while we all now agree I’m not quite capable of self-promotion due to my utter lack of arrogance, it is then ultimately YOUR fault I don’t have more readers.

Really people! Get off your asses and get people to this site to read what I have to say. Didn’t you see what I wrote earlier about me being a really entertaining writer? (I’m not going to say GOOD writer because that implies technical expertise, and well frankly, I can only pull your leg so far without breaking the suspension of belief that you have been so kind as to provide me over the almost dozens of posts I’ve thrust upon you).

So now I charge all of you to go out into that crazy world of ours and each point at least one new person to this site. One person. That’s not so hard is it? Heck today I caused two people to visit my site damn near accidentally. I’m not even trying to sell anything (here, yet). There are no ads (yet), no self promotion (*cough*), and absolutely no pictures of my private parts (thank God! for some good sense). Then when the person that you point here ultimately says, “Wow funny guy” you can tell that person, “Yeah and he’s really humble too”. Your friend will be all the more impressed. That is when you pounce! Get that person to also get at least one more person to read the blog, and so on, and so on, and so on, and reference to really old commercial here. If you actually manage THAT Herculean task, I suggest you also attempt to sell some Amway to said individual, because come on – when you have sucker that big on the hook, you gotta milk it for all it is worth.

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