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Category Archives: Asinine

A Joe-k

Joe-k. Get it? A joke that Joe wrote. That’s not the joke though and don’t go saying ‘that was obvious.’ No need for all that. I have feelings. The joke follows: A man goes to see his psychiatrist. “So what’s the matter?” The doctor asks the man. “I don’t know really, but lately I’ve noticed […]

I pissed on my cat. – An ADHD infused story about a man, a cat, and piss.

I pissed on my cat today.  Well, one of my cats.  We have two.  The older one is a long hair female.  The younger one is a short hair male.  Still a kitten really, But close to adulthood.  He’s the one I pissed on.  He’s curious and loves to play.  The female cat hates him.  […]

State of the Ass July, 2017

… So now that I’m on drugs (YEAH!) …

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions (NYRs), I don’t make them. I resolved, fifteen or twenty years ago to make no more NYRs, and I’ve kept up with that single resolution ever since. I’ve had a pretty good run. Why don’t I make NYR? The list is long, and I’ll probably forget many of them. If I had […]

Birthdays – A Rated ‘R’ Post

Birthdays. Man I suck at them. I mean really suck. I have dozens of people that I love in my life and more that I like, and yet I remember like four birthdays. Five tops. I have my reasons. Mostly that my birthday was never treated particularly special. It is two days after Christmas, and […]

Drunk Destiny

I may not be the first person to play a video game while inebriated, but I can say that man, I’m having a ton of fun playing Destiny while drunk as shit. I got progressively more and more drunk as I played the Trials of Osiris with my wife Raesmom05 and friend Chairslayer42. Both of […]

You Take The Good With The Bad

During a recent conversation with my wife, I called and still contend, that the dormitory run by Ms. Garret in The Facts of Life was a half-way house for young girls. My wife was incredulous, but I think it is obvious. This is why. In the dormitory run by Ms. Garret, you had four young […]

Under Pressure

In my life, I have been lied to. Granted there’s nothing special about that as we’ve all be lied to at some point. But to me there seems to be one group of people for whom lying is just a matter of everyday business. And here’s the thing, I’m NOT talking about politicians! This group […]

Too Stupid To Be Racist

(OK before I start let me just say that the only reason ‘to’ in the title is not lower case is because I couldn’t remember if ‘be’ should be capitalized or not so I just made them all capitalized and said “to Hell With it”). So a white friend of mine recently posted on Facebook […]

All About the Flow

I L-O-V-E, LOVE! the house my wife and I are currently renting. I really wish I owned more nice stuff to put into it. I kinda feel like the house is too big for us, and I’m a big guy. One thing that isn’t too big however is the downstairs half-bath toilet. It is a […]