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Category Archives: Sarcasm

Revelation: Angry Birds Are Terrorists

I almost fear writting these words, but it occured to me today as I, like perhaps millions before me, was in the process of playing Angry Birds and knocking down some poorly structured pig structures when I realized that the Angry Birds are terrorists. Look at the evidence …

Shins Are For the Weak

Within the past few months I’ve made a seriously bad error in judgment; I started playing racquetball. And I love it. You know who doesn’t love racquetball? My shins. My shins hate the game so much that they furiously complain, sometimes for days at a time, any time I’ve played. Yes and my shins seem […]

Planet Earth Hates You

The planet Earth hates you. I don’t care how much you’d like to think otherwise, but the evidence is quite clear. From the moment you are born one “natural” thing or another tries to kill you, and so far, given enough time, the planet always wins. Always. The evidence is all around. Storms continuously try […]


WHO exactly WHO?!? was the brilliant mastermind that OK’d Erica Durance’s hair change in Smallville? The Lois Lane that I fell in love with has at a MINIMUM blond highlights. WHO?! is that woman with plain brown hair?! AGH! At least they still have that shot of her coming out of the water during the […]

A Quick Observation About The Movies

The movie industry has everything boiled down to several very specific and perfect formulas. The number of car chases and explosions in an action flick depends greatly on the location but is generally seven. The time it takes for the villain in a chick flick to become the hero is one hour fifteen minutes (give or take […]

Global Warming Is To Blame

Here’s a quick list of things that I blame on Global Warming:

Warming of the globe – duh!
Cooling of the globe – ironic isn’t it?