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Author Archives: Joe Little

A Joe-k

Joe-k. Get it? A joke that Joe wrote. That’s not the joke though and don’t go saying ‘that was obvious.’ No need for all that. I have feelings. The joke follows: A man goes to see his psychiatrist. “So what’s the matter?” The doctor asks the man. “I don’t know really, but lately I’ve noticed […]

I pissed on my cat. – An ADHD infused story about a man, a cat, and piss.

I pissed on my cat today.  Well, one of my cats.  We have two.  The older one is a long hair female.  The younger one is a short hair male.  Still a kitten really, But close to adulthood.  He’s the one I pissed on.  He’s curious and loves to play.  The female cat hates him.  […]

State of the Ass July, 2017

… So now that I’m on drugs (YEAH!) …

New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions (NYRs), I don’t make them. I resolved, fifteen or twenty years ago to make no more NYRs, and I’ve kept up with that single resolution ever since. I’ve had a pretty good run. Why don’t I make NYR? The list is long, and I’ll probably forget many of them. If I had […]

Bad Days

Today was a good day, generally. I performed well enough at work. I was generally awake and well fed. I got along with my friends and family. I had some fun and created some stuff. It was a good day. But it wasn’t. It was a bad day. Today I couldn’t shake the feeling that […]


First, before I get stupid, I’d like to express my most sincere and warmest condolences to everyone affected by the terrorist attacks in Boston. I pray you all find peace. Now to stupid. I have a few “real” complaints that the Boston attack made me realize. First is about youth. Second is about the media […]

The Dangers of Kindle Reading

I love reading. My anxiety has basically reduced the amount of reading I do from a novel a week to something more along the lines of a novel a month or a season. It sucks, but that’s life. I still try to force myself to power through some books. In fact I have a tendency […]

Planet Earth Hates You

The planet Earth hates you. I don’t care how much you’d like to think otherwise, but the evidence is quite clear. From the moment you are born one “natural” thing or another tries to kill you, and so far, given enough time, the planet always wins. Always. The evidence is all around. Storms continuously try […]


My least favorite terrain in these United States belongs in Oklahoma. Its flat. Incredibly flat. Oklahoma is the Milla Jovovich of states. FLAT. I contend that the entire state resides on a single hill of about three feet in height. Oklahoma City resides on the “pinnacle” of the hill and can be seen almost as soon as you enter the state and constantly looms on the horizon like some eternal taunt. Damn you founders of Oklahoma. After leaving Oklahoma City it’s image continues to loom within your rear view mirror as a constant reminder that you are in Oklahoma. Oklahoma City itself is quite nice from what I remember. I doubt I’ll ever return.

Public Places

I hate using public toilets. There is something simply wrong with the idea of multiple people using the same space for … well you know. Especially …