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Learning is kewl. Relearning bites.

I love learning new things. Relearning things is really annoying. Several years ago my wife started the difficult task of teaching me HTML. With time and a couple books from BAM I mastered basic HTML. Of course mastering HTML made me realize that web pages don’t end with HTML, there are several technologies potentially in play including Cascading Style Sheets. Mastering style sheets wasn’t nearly as easy as mastering HTML, in fact I never really mastered CSS. While I never mastered CSS I did get pretty decent at the basics.

For the past three years I’ve been a developer, but I rarely work with HTML, CSS, or JavaScript at work. Now when I need to work with my sites I find myself researching how to do the most basic things. CSS can be particularly touchy. The smallest error in syntax will cause the mark-up to fail. Needles to say this can be frustrating as I feel like “I’ve learned this before. Why must it be so difficult NOW?”.  All’s wel though since W3 Schools is always there for me. Between them, my CSS books, and Google – if I can’t figure it out, I can find it out.

It is still annoying however.

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