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I refer of course to Russell from the current season of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians. Russell is THE archtypical snake in the grass and everyone knows it. His allies know it. His foes know it. Babies are now born with the knowledge, Russell is a snake. And I LOVE him.

Tonight Russell was up against overwhelming odds. His alliance of three faced an alliance of six. Russell held the Hidden Immunity Idol and no one on the other alliance knew. They DID suspect that he had the idol however, which was wise as in his first appearance on Survivor, Russell found every hidden Immunity Idol without more than one clue. The man is SMART. He can also lie with the best of them.

Knowing that he and another contestant were the primary targets of the other alliance, Russell wanted to run a bait and switch on them. Russell expertly ran the scenarios and determined that the wisest thing for the other alliance to do was to split their votes 3-3 forcing the hidden immunity out and one of Russell’s alliance out. So Russell went to his target Tyson, and suggested that he was voting the other contestant Parvati. This allowed Tysonn to also vote Parvati (something he wanted to do anyway). Did I say Russell can lie? Well Tyson believed him.

When time for the vote came Russell appeared to play the Immunity Idol, but at the last minute he decided instead to give the idol to Parvati. Votes against Parvati did not count. The vote became Parvati 4 (immune), Russell – 2, and Tyson 3. Russell caused Tyson to cause Tyson’s own loss. BRILLIANT!

There isn’t much I like about Survivor in general, but if I were a lady … a lady into larger guys … I’d want to be the meat in a Rupert-Russell sandwich. Yumm.

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