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Miley Cyrus

Before August 25, 2013 Miley Cyrus was a young Pop and Country music star know best for her portrayal as Disney’s Hanna Montana. She’s also always been the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus of Achy Breaky Heart fame. Forgive me while a shudder slightly. Thank you. Well on August 25th, MTV hosted the Video Music […]

I’ve Got Nothing

So I’m trying to write more. Needless to say it has been a while. So to that extent I’ve decided to reward myself every time I do post. I really couldn’t figure out what would inspire me. Then it struck me. I want to go to GenCon. Badly. I missed 2013. There were simply too […]


First, before I get stupid, I’d like to express my most sincere and warmest condolences to everyone affected by the terrorist attacks in Boston. I pray you all find peace. Now to stupid. I have a few “real” complaints that the Boston attack made me realize. First is about youth. Second is about the media […]

Facebook Is The Devil

I’m a member (or perhaps more properly, a product) of Facebook. I basically joined Facebook because it seemingly was, and actually was, a better MySpace. I joined MySpace purely to keep in contact with my family. At the time I lived in South Mississippi and the majority of my family lived in North Mississippi. I […]

Why I Hate Wil Wheaton

Recently on Facebook a friend of mine called me a “hipster nerd”. Well I took offense. I am most certainly a nerd, but while I would have loved to have been a beatnik when I was a kid (forgive me, I was young), there is no way in Hell I’m going to allow someone to categorize me as a hipster. Those were fighting words! My friend explained the reason for his slanderous missive was ‘…You’re all like “Everybody hated Wil Wheaton when he was on Star Trek, so I liked him just to be ironic, but now everybody loves Wil Wheaton, so I hate him”.’ He was of course wrong. I explained myself and we parted friends once again despite him driving me to use all caps at one point.

Interesting Images – Or I’m Still Learning Stuff Most of You Probably Already Knew

So I was playing around with Google Earth and I found the following. When I saw it I thought to myself that the image looked like it was pixelated in places. It looked as if Google Earth just couldn’t render the image properly or someone was trying to hide something. Wondering what was afoot, I […]

Things That Are Creepy

I recently watched The Woman in Black, and that fricken movie was fricken creepy. Elements of the film really set off the creepiness, and it inspired me to compile a list of things that I find creepy. 1) Dolls with teeth. Who thought this was ever a good idea? This was in the film so […]

The Dangers of Kindle Reading

I love reading. My anxiety has basically reduced the amount of reading I do from a novel a week to something more along the lines of a novel a month or a season. It sucks, but that’s life. I still try to force myself to power through some books. In fact I have a tendency […]

The King’s New Clothes

I work for a software development house. I’ve been at this location for the past six years, and the last time I bought new clothes specifically for work was when I started the job. Six years later I can barely fit into some of those clothes. Then tragically while getting in my Jeep to pick […]

Revelation: Angry Birds Are Terrorists

I almost fear writting these words, but it occured to me today as I, like perhaps millions before me, was in the process of playing Angry Birds and knocking down some poorly structured pig structures when I realized that the Angry Birds are terrorists. Look at the evidence …