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Love in a Time of Zombies #1

The following is my first few pages of what I’m doing for NaNoWriMo. I’m six days behind now and it is only day eight. I hope to catch up some on the weekend. I probably won’t, but that said I’ll do something. My original story was a super hero style story set in a fictional […]

Brainnnnsssss ….

The brain is primarily fat. The weight of average human brain: 1350g. Calories per gram of fat 9. The average human brain has around 12,150 calories. So using this formula one can determine that zombies should all be really fat, either that or the average zombie has an INSANE metabolism.

Do Zombies Poop?

I asked myself this question first several months ago. I couldn’t come to any sort of initial decision, so I began asking my friends. Most, such as AngryRedHead, immediately replied “No.” Many added “That’s ridiculous,” while at least one replied, “You need psychiatric help.” One friend, KewlBear, suggested that zombies do not poop but rather all of the brains that […]