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How I Feel Way Too Often

I stumbled upon this while reading the recommended items in my Google Reader. Here’s a tangent for you, “Why does Google Reader think I’m an Atheist?” I think it is all the links my future-flaming-in-Hell-friends send me that makes Google think I’ve broken my bonds with the Creator. Or maybe Google likes to taunt. You know that’s a likely first step toward evil for Google. They know everything about you so they start to bully and tease. A little at first, then more and more, and pretty soon you’re sitting naked on the floor of your locked bathroom rocking yourself as you cry. SQUIRREL!!

Anyway …

I rarely finish projects for more reasons than I care to admit. I’ll admit to the easy stuff … I’m lazy and I get distracted easily. SQUIRREL! There is a whole OTHER side to finishing projects (or NOT in this case) and I think that side is presented nicely in the short animated commentary included below. Enjoy.

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