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Recently my wife and I watched Terminator Salvation, a pretty decent action flick I must say. I mildly burned my tongue eating pizza while watching it, a price I’d gladly pay again. Everything tastes just a little painful though. Anyway, back to the reason of this discussion.

While watching the credits for the film I noticed that the principle female lead had the name of Moon Bloodgood. That’s allowed? I mean you can name your kids anything?! Really? KEWL!

Do you understand what that kind of freedom opens up? I thought using a Gaelic name for my little girl was “out there”, but now that I realize I have TOTAL freedom to name my kid ANYTHING … well lets just say my mind is afire! So here are a few possible boys and girls names I’m now considering for my next child.


  • Dragon Slayer
  • Master Blaster
  • King Arthur
  • Time Lord


  • Touch Her and I’ll Cut Your Penis Off

I think I like that one for girls so much I’m not even going to try for any other ones. Please consider what I’ve said here. Oh and I have one suggestion for all of you for your next child … it’s a great potential name: Joe Is King.

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